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This page provides a growing collection of informational and educational videos on minerals and gemstones. Specific topics include mineral exploration, collecting, documentaries, and show reports. If you have any videos you would like to share with us that you feel are educational and interesting, please contact us.


Video of the 2017 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show®

Video of the 2017 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show® public exhibits in Tucson, Arizona, February 2017. Video footage by Hershel Friedman.

Category: Mineral Shows


Video of the 2016 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show®

Video of the 2016 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show® public exhibits in Tucson, Arizona, February 2016. Video footage by Hershel Friedman.

Category: Mineral Shows


Video of the 2015 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show®

Video of the 2015 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show® public exhibits in Tucson, Arizona, February 2015. Video footage by Hershel Friedman. Also includes section at the end from the special exhibit at the University of Arizona.

Category: Mineral Shows


The NY-NJ 2014 Mineral Show

Video of the NY-NJ Gem & Mineral Show in Edison, New Jersey, April 2014. Narrated by Hershel Friedman.

Category: Mineral Shows


The Tuscon 2014 Mineral Shows - Part 1

Video recap of several of the Tucson mineral shows taken in 2014. Footage includes show scenes, mineral cases, and individual minerals from the InnSuites Show, 22nd Street Show, I-10 Corridor Shows, and the special exhibit of Arizona Collectors at the University of Arizona Flandreu Science Center.

Category: Mineral Shows


The Tuscon 2014 Mineral Shows - Part 2

Video recap of the Tucson Gem & Mineral Showin the Tucson Convention Center, Februrary 2014. Video footage includes dealer exhibits and public showcases.

Category: Mineral Shows


The Tuscon 2013 Gem & Mineral Show

Scenes from the 2013 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show TM at the Tucson Convention Center. The video focuses on the public displays exhibiting mostly Fluorite, which was the 2013 show theme.

Category: Mineral Shows


A New Mineral Discovery in Amity, NY, with Glenn Rhein

This video documents the recent discovery of new minerals from Glenn Rhein in the classic locality of Amity, New York, near Warwick. Glenn discovers amazing crystals while excavating on his property, and reaches out to the mineral community for help in figuring out what they are. Glenn then becomes an expert in the deposit and starts finding amazing minerals. Produced and documented by Hershel Friedman of Minerals.net, and filmed by Mark Gilden of Rombus Digital.

Category: Mineral Collecting


Outstanding Minerals Featured at the Tucson 2012 Shows

A video showcasing some of the outstanding minerals displayed in the Tucson shows in February 2012, in amazing detail. Footage includes minerals from the main TGMS Convention Center Show, the Westward Look Show, the InnSuites Show, and the Pueblo show. Footage by Hershel Friedman, www.minerals.net.

Category: Mineral Shows


Minerals.net Presents: Searching For Agates Near Suffern, NY

Follow Hershel Friedman from Minerals.net as he searches and discovers agates in volcanic rock only 20 miles north of New York City.

Category: Mineral Collecting


Into The Lost Crystal Caves

NGC goes inside one of the greatest natural marvels on the planet - a giant crystal cave described as Superman's fortress, with magnificent crystals up to 36 feet long and weighing 55 tons. A team of experts venture into the cavern, enduring scorching-hot temperatures that could kill a human after just 15 minutes of exposure. They'll push the boundaries of physical limitation to explore a crevasse that could lead to another - and perhaps more spectacular - crystal cave.

Category: Mineralogical Documentary


Mining Topaz in Rhyolite Pockets in Utah

Follow Rick Seng as he extracts a large gem Topaz crystal from a ryolite vug in central Utah.

Category: Mineral Collecting


Video Describing the Great Tucson Show

The Tucson Show, at the main show in Tucson Convention Center, with a good overall video documentary of the show (2010).

Category: Mineral Shows

Digging Herkimer Diamonds in a Limestone pocket

Category: Mineral Collecting

Mining Tourmaline in Maine

Video of SparHawk Maine Tourmaline being mined, taken June 2013.

Category: Mineral Collecting

National Geographic - $400 Million Dollar Emerald

$400 Million Emerald Mystery It has a complicated and unfathomable history - will the authorities ever find an owner for the Bahia Emerald -- or will it prove just too powerful to shift? Find out in $400 Million Emerald Mystery and explore the gemstone's colourful history and analyse the different claims over it. The unearthing of what may be the world's largest emerald in Brazil is a truly remarkable story, but the staggering eight-way battle for its ownership is almost too astonishing to believe. Found in a Bahia mine in 2001, the remarkable stone, valued at $400 million, has since endured a bizarre odyssey, from an abandoned petrol station in San Jose to a submerged vault in Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. With the gemstone trade a world of mystery and intrigue, the 840lb (381Kg) specimen has already changed hands in a Sao Paulo car park, been used as collateral in a diamond deal and even shown up on eBay!

Category: Mineral Collecting




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