Scolecite Spray on Stilbite
Scolecite Spray on Stilbite from Malad, near Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India
Collection Robert Lavinsky
Description Scolecite, in the form of very bright, glistening crystals shooting out in all directions, is perched atop contrasting salmon-pink Stilbite. A superb large combination specimen, with killer aesthetics, and in pristine condition. This piece is among top of its species and can hold its own with far fancier mineral specimens. A pocket such as this came from has not been seen since the early 1980s, and such top grade examples of this species are not common at all. As well, they happen to be among the most dramatic specimens in terms of sheer whiz-bang value when shown off in a case. Indian minerals, because of their sheer quantity of production for the last 20 years, are downgraded in price at the moment under the illusion that great Indian mineral specimens are common. According to Rob Lavinsky, this is not the case, and never has been. Someday, when the flood is over, people will look back on this find, and this specimen, as a modern classic that was simply not valued highly enough it its day due to market confusion amidst a quantity of lesser material. This piece was found in 2009, and an example from the same pocket is featured on the cover of Mineralogical Record for the following year (March-April 2010). Joe Budd Photos.
Locality Malad, near Mumbai (Bombay), Maharashtra, India
Dimensions 18.0 x 17.5 x 15.0 cm.
Specimen Grade D
Photograph Photo

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