Covellite and Pyrite
Covellite and Pyrite from Calabona Mine, Alghero, Sassari Province, Sardinia, Italy
Collection Robert Lavinsky
Description These were mined prior to 1850. This beautiful and historic specimen is composed of rosette crystals of radiating Covellite that are partially coated by a druse of secondary Pyrite. The iridescent, neon blue color along with the lustrous Pyrite and rosette form makes this a superb specimen with lots of color. Brilliant peacock-blue with plum coloration highlight this Italian Covellite, in contrast to Covellites from other locales. The luster is superb, and the iridescence is visually transfixing. The platy, flat-lying blades range up to 5 cm across. Covellite is considered one of the 'holy grails' by Italian collectors, and the Calabona mine produced very few of them. Original collection of Giancarlo Fioravanti.
Locality Calabona Mine, Alghero, Sassari Province, Sardinia, Italy
Dimensions 10 x 7 x 2.8 cm.
Specimen Grade None
Photograph Photo

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