Deep Blue Euclase Cluster
Deep Blue Euclase Cluster from Lost Hope Mine, Miami, Karoi District, Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
Collection Robert Lavinsky
Description Euclase from this important old locality came out mostly in the 1960s, and still sets the standard for coloration in the species. Although Colombia has since produced some more important and larger crystals of higher gem value, that are truly world-class as well, the Euclase from this small and defunct mine is so much more intense in color saturation that they may as well be two separate species as far as comparisons go. This gorgeous specimen has consistent color, superb luster, and a good aesthetic. Most Euclase from this mine is more blocky and compacted, if in clusters at all (though usually only singles survive and are around for sale). The specimen here has not only good aesthetics in the way the major crystals present, but it has good edges or horizons, without the usual butchered contacts at the sides where all too many of these were hacked off their matrix when collected. As far as size, this is also a large cluster, of which I have seen few over the years. It came from the well known collection of Marion Stuart, heiress to the Carnation fortune, when her collection was sold by Wayne Thompson (with help from formerly retired dealer Dr. Gary Hansen, who had sold Stuart many of the pieces decades before) in 2001, and has been buried in a collection since that time.
Locality Lost Hope Mine, Miami, Karoi District, Mashonaland West, Zimbabwe
Dimensions 4.2 x 3.3 x 1.8 cm.
Specimen Grade D
Photograph Photo

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